They eat their own

Pres. Bush stumped for his tax cut in Ohio today, putting pressure on congressional reps, like Ohio's George Voinovich, who haven't lined up to support it:

bq. Mr. Bush did not mention Mr. Voinovich by name in his Canton appearance, but he did not have to.

bq. "Some in Congress say the plan is too big," the president said. "Well, it seems like to me they might have some explaining to do. If they agree that tax relief creates jobs, they why are they for a little-bitty tax relief package? If they believe tax relief is important for job creation, they ought to join us and join this administration and join many in Congress and have a robust package that creates enough work for the American people."

One: This is a pretty heavy-handed attempt at intimidation. The Administration continues to stifle dissent by demeaning it.

Two: Neither $300 billion nor $500 billion constitutes a "little-bitty tax relief package."

Three: Bush also reminded his Ohio audience that "Tax relief is good for the average citizen," but forgot again to mention that the average citizen is quite imaginary.