This slow Sunday morning, as I contemplate my day of preparations for the upcoming preliminary exam and the beginning of my medical sociology course, here are a few interesting reads (courtesy of rre and scripting news):

  • blogagent [do they have to be called “blogs”?]
  • Bush visits Virginia and gives a rousing take-God-out-of-the-pledge-over-my-dead-body speech. He took off his tie and rolled up his sleeves before the speech. He’s folksy that way. [The “under god” in the Pledge of Allegiance doesn’t particularly bother me, although I don’t think it really belongs there. What bothers me is the contrived idea that questioning the wording of a document shakes the faith of Americans in their manifest destiny, as if “under god” was inserted into the Pledge by divine providence instead of Cold War politicking.]
  • Succeeding in business without ever telling the truth. How Enron-like was Bush’s business?
  • A rebuttal to the hand-wringing over liberal media bias. Nunberg’s article is several months old, but it’s an insightful read. Unlike so much political-media commentary, Nunberg provides data. The article also appears, more recently, in the American Prospect.