Water, heat, and ... DSL?

Someone help me square this up. We want to raise the rent and cut the funding to low-income housing programs, and give high-speed internet to all tenants?

The issues of what makes a decent living has made the round of blogs lately, as has discussion over raising rent for tenants of low-income housing. I had a whole post composed about the low-income housing bit, in which I pointed out that TTP (total tenant payment requirements) for subsidized housing is based on the highest of several criteria, only one of which is a locally-determined amount between $25 and $50. What does this mean? It means that if $50 is more than thirty percent of your monthly income, then $50 is the maximum rent you are required to pay for your subsidized housing. In other words, the currently floated proposal to raise subsidized rents to at least $50 per month does nothing but explicitly put the screws to those people who are already at the very, absolute, teetering edge of homelessness and poverty.

So I had this whole entry composed, and it read much better than the above, but the wrong sequence of hamfisted keyboarding combined with a slip of the palm on the trackpad of this little laptop and -poof- it's gone. You'll have to make do with the brief version.

One more comment: The proposal is "intended to promote work," according to the administration. I'd like to see the administration come up with something less insulting than the discredited "culture of poverty" thesis on which to base its policy.