We're assholes. It's official.

U.S. representatives have officially made it clear.

In unusually blunt language that drew surprised gasps from reporters, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher scoffed at Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg for continuing to support the proposal that they first introduced at a mini-summit in April.

He described the April meeting as one between “four countries that got together and had a little bitty summit” and then referred to them collectively as “the chocolate makers.”

There are, I think, legitimate concerns about this kind of new alliance creating political and logistical problems for NATO. Far be it from Boucher to address any of them. And, I suppose it’s technically accurate to call France, Germany, Belgium, and Luxembourg “chocolate makers.” Of course, a few months ago, the U.S. was telling the world that NATO was irrelevant, so not only are these guys taking cheap shots, they can’t even make up their minds.

Confirming that those who represent us on the world stage are petty and belligerent, today’s story continues:

One senior State Department official said the four nations backing it could also be called “the greater Benelux,” a reference to the small trade association made up of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg that has no military component or aspirations.

Oh. The State Department is also preparing to go ask for more international aid in Iraq. The resolution begins, “Dear Representatives of Insignificant Foreign Godless Socialist States: ...”