What have you done since graduation?

Heather and I rented Pumpkin , a comedy-drama-romance, from our neighborhood video rental shop tonight. It's a story about a sorority girl who falls for a physically disabled guy, much to the distress of her house-sisters, her family, and pretty much everybody else. It stars Christina Ricci, who's usually interesting to watch, and Hank Harris, who plays Pumpkin.

A third actor looked really familiar to both of us. About two thirds of the way through the movie, Heather and I were asking each other, "who is that guy? Where else have we seen him?"

Turns out, the really familiar-looking guy is Shane Johnson, Whitman College class of 1998 (our year). Yeah, he looked so familiar because we went to college with him. It turns out that Shane has been busy: According to IMDB, he had a role in Saving Private Ryan, and this year played "Necrotic Fasciotomy Patient" in an episode of ER.

There are some other Whitties from our past who are also working hard in show business: Mindee Clem, who's training to be a 2nd Assistant Director on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (hey, what's not to like about that?); Eric Starker, who lived next door to me freshman year; and Eric Stein, whose special skills include vegetable impressions. Good luck, guys, and remember the Whitman cheer: Missionaries, Missionaries, we're on top!