A counter offer

Tom Bozzo comments! on the language! in real estate listings! with an example listing that according to Steve Levitt, does everything wrong. I’m happy to say that we only used one of Levitt’s top five price-reducing words in our own listing, the effect of which may have been counteracted by the mention of our stainless steel fridge.

As Tyler Cowen notes, “You use general words [charming] when you have nothing better to say.” So why do agents still use all those euphemisms that indicate lower value of their properties? I might hazard a guess about agents not being all that reflective, but I suppose that we have to wait for the book to really get the answer. Still, agents and sellers still have to say something about their homes that aren’t full of high-end gourmet remodeled maple kitchens, and these are the homes bought by younger, less wealthy, first-time homebuyers (hi, nice to meet me). I’d suggest that there may be a lot of room to hurt the value of a high-end home, but less room to hurt or improve the value of a lower-end home.

And is that your kitchen, Tom? I’ve always liked corian.