A wiki without the wacky

... That’s what some are calling Backpack, the newest web tool from the people who brought you Basecamp and Ta-da-list. I haven’t used either of those, as they were released just as I was trying out yet another organizational scheme of my own, but I am intrigued by Backpack’s promise of free-form but still useful organization. Per the “wiki without the wacky” tagline, I’m assuming that Backpack will use some simplified wiki-like syntax to denote do-lists and flag information of particular kinds. Sounds pretty neat.

Update: Hey, cool. I got a “golden ticket” to give Backpack a try (thanks to Jason Fried, and, I presume, technorati tags), and have been poking around with it for fifteen minutes or so. First impression: Pretty neat! I’ll write a bit more later after I make some progress on the syllabus revision that’s due tomorrow.