About town

We had holiday plans to visit friends in Ventura, but Heather came down with a cold, so we decided to skip the long drive and the Dog Chaos that always comes along with visiting with the L-dog (I’m not even sure it’s safe to type her name, fearing it would spark a near-riot of excitement in our own hounds). So today while Heather is napping and hydrating I’m catching up on a few reads around the web, and making our very own Thanksgiving shopping list. I’m sure that all the stores will still have everything I need.

Unfiled observations and links:

  • While Drek prefers the bourgeoisie, I take my coffee at the People’s coffee shop (they have a generous coffee card program). Sitting there on the couch yesterday, I looked up, startled, and asked myself, “How did I not notice the Japanese soft-core watercolors on the wall before?”
  • To Lago: Many Bothans died to bring us this information. Forever.
  • Cold weather in Tucson the last few days makes it really feel like a holiday and gives us a reason to employ our jet-engine furnace. I’m wearing wool today. Wool!
  • After a presentation on sex and violence in the media by Ed Donnerstein, dean of the college of social and behavioral sciences here, I enjoyed Slacktivist’s comments on current controversies, and thought I would write up more about it. I didn’t.
  • Hack your way out of writer’s block (via Penmachine)
  • is the weblog of the editors of the American Journal of Bioethics.