Always more to learn about Lightroom

I’ve been reading the comments thread of this great post at Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider blog. It’s absolutely chock full of concise tips for getting more out of Lightroom, and it drives home to me that there’s always lots, lots more to learn.

Here’s my favorite new-to-me tip (Thanks, Scott!): Did you know Lightroom 2 has a ‘solo mode’? It’s a really fantastic way to eliminate scrolling up and down through the set of side panels. Ctrl-click beside a panel’s name and select ‘solo mode’ to turn it on, and then only the currently-selected panel will be expanded. Select any other panel’s name to auto-expand it while collapsing the prior panel. In conjunction with using cmd-1 through cmd-7 to toggle panels, it’s (to me) a nearly unbeatable way to navigate the panels with minimal mousing. (Note this works in both Library and Develop modes.)