Back in town

Back from the Local Currencies conference, which was a rather intense event: Sessions from 8:30 to late in the evening, packed together. Lots of interesting material to consider, but I have to unpack first. So instead, a couple of observations about traveling by air:

  • Three-hour layovers at O’Hare are really, extraordinarily unpleasant.
  • Albany International is a nice airport, except for the inescapable CNN Airport. (But: Early handover? WTF?)
  • When they ask you to put away all electronic devices, including cell phones, that includes you, dickhead. That “piece of ass from data-processing”’ will still be there when you land.
  • WiFi should be free and abundant, as it is on the campus of Bard. It should not be tucked away behind high fees. I already paid your origination fee and bought your $8 burrito. Throw me a bone, here.
  • That’s my armrest!

Good to be home.