Behind the curtains

Tim Lambert has documented how the Institute for Policy Innovation (among others) doesn’t really even pretend to be non-partisan when it comes to saying that open source software is bad, bad, bad. 1

But could Tom Giovenetti be any more nasty about it? He opens his comments to Lambert, the one-man evidence army, saying, “Your journalism is as lousy as your software.”

There are plenty of reasons this is a facile attack, among them the fact that most of the world’s web sites (including this one) are run on open source software. Further, given that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security this week recommended against using Internet Explorer, signs point to a pretty shallow think tank, but Giovenetti continues, responding to Lambert’s post with these gems:

So all you foaming-at-the-mouth open sourcers, during your free time, I mean the time when you’re not writing viruses and worms and not hacking websites, simply assert things that you cannot possibly know to be true.


So I’m amused at you all. I’m amused at the moral vacuity of your arguments, the lameness of the software you produce, and your tilting at windmills, trying to take down large and successful innovator companies with your efforts.

I guess anybody can be president of a think tank these days.

1 Of course, they don’t pretend to be non-partisan about much of anything.