Big Kris in a small pond

(Or, Alpine Style, Revisited) Via E. Wesp at Printculture comes a lovely holiday anecdote about the competition for Santa of the Year. It turns out that you can in fact get points for falling out of one’s sleigh:

“You go up two at a time, head-to-head,” [British Father Christmas Ron Horniblew] told The Mail on Sunday. “I was up against the Estonian and I won the race. He actually fell off his sleigh. But he got awarded extra points for falling in a particularly Santa-like style.

I do wonder what that looks like, and if there is a standard scoring system for Santa tumbles. Shaking like a bowl full of jelly? Check. A wink and a nod? Check.

Wesp includes a couple of valuable holiday tips: “Be happy that consumerism has a different name than the birth of your redeemer,” and “Stop shoveling snow if you start vomiting”—good to know.