Blue collar in a red state

I mentioned a few days ago that one of the elements of Brokeback Mountain that really caught my eye was the depiction of the posturing West, the layering on of the trappings of ruggedness by the wealthy. Reading a bit more about Dick Cheney’s shotgun accident brings back some of those same visuals:

Whittington, a prominent Austin lawyer, and the vice president arrived for a weekend hunting trip Friday night at the 50,000-acre Armstrong Ranch, a well-known retreat for wealthy Texas Republicans 95 miles southwest of Corpus Christi.

The party of 11 hunters set out in two trucks Saturday morning, driving around the mesquite-dotted property and shooting quail until about 12:30 p.m., said Anne Armstrong, co-owner of the ranch. Then they broke for a lunch of antelope, jicama salad and camp bread, washed down with Dr. Pepper.

This is a nice canned hunt. They drive a bit, get out of the truck and shoot some birds. Then back in the truck. Drive some more and get out. Shoot some more birds. At lunch they eat “camp bread,” which would be charming if one was actually camping. In this case, it’s just very J. Peterman Catalog: A pricey, rustic embellishment served up by the guides who charge giant sums for the privilege of pretending to be sportsmen.