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Have flash or java navigation menus ever enhanced the usability of a web site, ever? I don’t mean in the case of sites that are about design: They can have buttons in the corners and sliding panels and spinning whirlygigs and can have menus that consist entirely of wingdings. Fine. But if what you’re doing with java or flash serves no other purpose than that fulfilled by an eight-year old javascript mouseover, it stands in the way of my finding what I want.

Note: I didn’t start this with the intent of picking on the UA sociology department site; I was frustrated by the slow speed and lack of functionality of an entirely separate flash-navigated, frame “enabled” site, but that site makes a poor demonstration case because it requires one to log in before confronting its menu system. Ack. “How badly do you really want the information we’re publishing? No glorplefoo plugin? Not badly enough, clearly.”