I’ll make no pretense of open-mindedness about the congressional race brewing in my district here. Every single time I’ve heard Rick Renzi speak about something that I care about, I’ve been thoroughly insulted by him. His campaign has really brought divisive rhetoric to a higher plane lately, though, as he repeatedly slurs his opponent Ellen Simon. It takes a fairly breathtaking level of audacity to tar Simon as having “Nancy Pelosi views” while dodging local debates and hiding from his own constituents.

Renzi shows plenty of contempt for the Constitution by maligning Simon for taking money from an attorney who has represented terrorist suspects in court. Hi, Rick, Sixth Amendment, much? That of course is pretty standard Rove-style water boarding carrying, so it doesn’t really come as any kind of surprise. What I really, truly am surprised by is Renzi’s calling Simon to task for being from the scary midwest:

ACLU President Ellen Simon’s Cleveland values are completely out of touch with the values of rural Arizona, and she ought to be ashamed of her disgraceful record.

Whew knew that Cleveland is the new San Francisco? Cleveland?