I’m considering a few post-event comments about hosting family for the holidays (Heather’s family, this year, gave us some odd moments of the sort Tina describes, as well as some moments that were wholly unpleasant for other reasons entirely). Perhaps it’s enough to say that, now that the long weekend is over, we need a vacation from our Christmas vacation.

In the meantime, one can’t throw a rock without hitting somebody’s “best-of” list for the year. A few to keep you busy: There’s lane’s albums of the year (good list, but gray on black hurts), Tim Dunlop’s super best everythings list, Chris Lott’s list of lists (movies), the best of 2004 from Mystery and Misery, and the Fingertips Top 10 (included even though it’s not really a “year’s best” list), Salon’s best-of rundown, and of course, the Poor Man: Year in Review very special episode. I’m sure I’m missing some good lists. Any others to recommend?