Extreme unproductivity

The Sloth Ethic is a truly great new blog, one that is “dedicated—in a lackadaisical, slipshod sort of way—to the idea that many of us don’t spend enough quality time not getting things done.” Definitely worth spending a lot of time reading (or not reading? I’m not sure which way the sloth ethic would point on that one), The Sloth Ethic’s first two entries highlight the great potential of Moleskine notebooks for efforts at unproductivity.

In How to Take Notes in Meetings, hoffman notes that Moleskines are perfect for meetings: “stylish, practical, and with a pocket to hide very thin biscuits in.” The Marvelous moleskine entry notes the great variety of fine notebooks:

There are many varieties of moleskine for you to buy, arrange on a shelf, fondle and think about maybe, one day, using, secure in the knowledge that you will never give in to temptation and ruin them forever with your inane and inky ramblings. You can buy lined moleskines to not write notes in, squared moleskines to not draw graphs in, and moleskine diaries to not keep your appointments in.

But be aware of the price to be paid:

There is a down side though, to the notebook obsession. A dark side. It is terribly distressing when there’s an occasional quality control failure and you unwrap your moleskine only to find the snout still attached, or a sad little webbed digger paw hanging still and cold beside your handy ribbon bookmark. Do please offer up a thought for the small ones that made your lovely, strokable cover possible.