Good stuff: Tivoli radio

Although I recently gave a disclaimer about my home stereo system, I do enjoy my music. And for the past couple of years, I haven’t loved the way I listened to it. The aforementioned hawt stereo lives with the TV in a little loft space, and the small speakers there can’t really get any good sound into the kitchen, which of course is where I spend a lot of prime music listening time. The MacBook isn’t a bad speaker, but it doesn’t really have the volume or depth to fill the room.

So recently I went in for a Tivoli Model One.

Model One

It’s way cool: It sits on the kitchen counter and can easily fill the kitchen with sound — and good, good sound at that. [ Note that the Model One is mono; since my kitchen isn’t really conducive to a stereo setup, this isn’t a problem for me. One of these days maybe I’ll figure out how to rig up stereo there, and might spring for the Model Two. ] All the knobs are big hefty-feeling switches, the cabinet is sturdy, the tuner knob is geared. I tell you, it feels a little weird to write that it feels good to operate this radio, but man, it feels good to operate this radio.

With an aux switch and Airport Express hooked up to the input, I stream to it from either MacBook or iMac. And I can control the whole whiz-bang thing from the table with the iPod remote. It’s like living in the future. I highly recommend it.