According to the Nutrition Facts, one box of Thin Mints contains approximately 36 cookies, or nine servings of four cookies each. Allowing for a little extra nibbling, let’s say that those nine servings are really six me-sized servings of six cookies. Come on, nobody eats only four Thin Mints at a time, especially not when there’s a glass of milk around.

When one’s wife comes home with four boxes of cookies, quick math suggests that the 24 servings contained therein should last for about six days days; again, come on, we’re going to each eat two servings a day, recommended daily allowances be damned.

We’re about 26 hours into the project, and we have two boxes remaining, plus five or six singles. This is a bad sign.

Incidentally, the cookie-peddlers sold $8,000 in chocolatey merchandise. Their profit? $900.