Harshing the vibe

Via lane at Eat Your Vegetables comes a link to this New York Times story on iPod shuffle mode. Debates rage over whether the shuffle mode is truly random, and the article has several entertaining comments from iPod users and an Apple engineer. More than a few users are convinced that their iPod knows them a bit too well. At the same time, others complain that the thing doesn’t respond to their psychological state well enough:

Lucy Shaw, a social worker in New York, has stopped using Shuffle altogether. “It was totally not reading my moods,” she said. It would play upbeat music when she was feeling low, and dark, somber selections when she was feeling upbeat.

Totally not reading her moods? Is there a Belkin accessory that I don’t yet have, some sort of iSerotonin plugin?

The solution to errant shuffle is, of course, quite simple. To paraphrase Mr. McQuire, the answer is just a single word. Are you listening? Playlists!