Headphones down!

Students in the incoming Class of 2008 at Duke University each get a brand-new iPod, to be used, says the university’s IT wonks, as part of a project exploring innovative classroom technologies. (See also the discussion at iPodlounge.)

While it’s true that the iPod includes a calendar and a memo feature, they’re not exactly core features of the device. Much less than in, say, a memo pad. Keeping a calendar isn’t exactly innovative, either. Still, I am intrigued by the possibilities for integrating the iPod with the curriculum; Duke says it has six classes using the iPod so far, and more on the way. But what will they really do with the things? No need to stop at File Sharing 101, Duke could go all the way with courses on Accessories and Maximizing Battery Life, with evening workshops on Apple Zealotry, flamewars to follow.

When I was admitted to college, all I got was a t-shirt and a box of onions (seriously).