Huey, Dewie, and Louie all walk into a polling place...

Over at Respectful of Otters, Rivka has a super discussion of accusations of voter fraud. My favorite bit is on the complaint that fraudulent registrations have been submitted for names like Mickey Mouse:

That’s what happens when you pay your voter registration workers by the completed form, instead of by the hour. This is perfectly well known, which is why most legitimate voter registration organizations don’t give employees or volunteers incentives to forge registrations. Sure, it’s fraud on the part of the guy standing outside the supermarket with a clipboard – but is it really going to lead to voter fraud? Could it really be part of a Democratic scheme to stuff the ballot box? I can’t see how.

Riva can’t imagine anybody claiming to be Mickey Mouse actually being allowed to vote, and goes on to say:

Are Republicans legitimately picturing a smoke-filled room full of Democratic operatives cackling, “we’ll register every character in the Disney archive! No one will ever catch on! Our plan is foolproof!” ...Of course they aren’t. They’re just trying to confuse the issue and set up the rationale for a preemptive challenge of a Kerry victory.

Finally, common sense really does have some meaning in politics.