I voted

After trying to vote early on campus on two occasions, and lacking the time to wait two hours on either visit, I walked to my neighborhood polling place at 6:30 this morning, just in time to see the sun come up. It was chilly out, Tucson having cought a lovely spell of cold weather. There was enough of a line that I didn’t get home until a bit after 7:30—which is nothing next to the four-hour waits predicted in some places around the country (they’re expecting two-hour lines in Tucson, even). I was voter number 94 of the morning; the folks working the polls said that they didn’t break a hundred until noon last time around.

I really enjoy living within walking distance of my polling place. At what I hope is the conclusion to this rancorous election, walking the six or seven blocks reminded me that the community we voters share by way of citizenship can also be a community of neighbors.

Voting on the backend

Google is giving me the gift of temporary traffic once again, albeit in a more dignified way and on a smaller scale than the Ashlee Simpson freakout. My comments on Tucson’s election a couple of years ago have found their way to the top of Google’s list for those seeking Tucson polling locations: Find where to vote in Tucson. Also interesting is the high number of hits I’ve received in the last couple of days from people looking for wimp or shrimp.