I went to Seattle and all I got was a cold

In town for a friend’s wedding, I had a whole list of touristy things I wanted to do in Seattle. Instead, I promptly got sick and spent two days snacking on Tylenol, sleeping, and catching up on my HBO. I also learned that there’s a whole cable channel devoted to video games and that, yes, that does get boring pretty quickly. On the subject of being hotel-bound, the Silver Cloud Inn is a nice place to stay under the covers: Lots of pillows, a fireplace, and a kitchenette to store your apple juice and soup cups.

My fever withdrew in time for me to scurry out for a couple of hours the evening before the wedding to catch the obligatory night-time shot at the Pike Place Market. At the Sea-Tac security check, they inspect your camera to make sure you’ve taken one of these. If you haven’t, you’re forced to buy a Seahawks parka in the gift shop before you’re allowed on the plane.


pike place market


The day of the wedding, while the ladies were off doing their froofy hair and makeup, I got the chance to check one item off my Seattle to-do list, and managed to find a sushi place (Blue C) that was actually open on a Sunday at noon. The rest of my list will have to wait—hopefully, not too long. It had been quite a while since I spent any time up there, and it was a welcome change. We even got a few unobstructed views of the Cascades and the Olympics. Back in Flagstaff, it’s raining hard today, which makes for a nice transition.

By the way, Washington has a new state motto: “SayWA.” That’s not gonna go over well. I can’t read “SayWA” without hearing Fred Willard saying “Wha’ happened?”