I wonder what the pitch was like

Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves, and sometimes they’re written by eager and earnest marketing grads.

Tap and tickle:

The Tickle is like a Tap, but with more control. Instead of just a quick vibration, the Tickle’s duration and way the Tickle comes through to the recipient is determined by the sender. By simply pressing a button on the mobile phone, vibration is sent. The user controls the vibration just like they control the motor of a blender using its pulse function. The pattern of vibration is whatever the sender chooses. When in Tickle mode, holding down a button causes vibration on the other end and letting go stops it. You can develop your own secret Tickle language with your buddies to communicate silently!

Um, stimulating ideas, there.

The proper mocking of this is either in the “secret tickle language” or in the whole, you know, vibrating and pulsing bit. I can’t decide.

(Via Jonas Luster)