If this had been an actual emergency

[update] It’s certainly not public service. If you’re running Internet Explorer (why are you doing that?), don’t visit the URLs in the spam. Codefish Spam Watch has the scoop.

Is this some kind of public service spam, or what?

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A huge 300 ft. high ocean wave is moving towards your continent.
Your and many other cities are in a real danger.
Approximate wave moving speed is 700 km/h.
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Please read more about this catastrophe here:

We are strongly urging you to evacuate yourself and your family as soon as possible,
even though you may live far away from your city.
The tsunami will reach the continent in approximately FOUR hours.

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It has the nonsense characters to fool the spam-checkers, and it has the urgency of a Nigerian money scam, and it also has the translated from a foreign language feel that characterizes plenty of spam. But it’s about tsunamis moving toward my continent (that’s North America, thank you, the whole thing, although the destination web site seems like a genuine attempt at Australian tsunami education), and, well, it just seems sort of half-hearted. Are the spammers slowing down, getting tired, taking themselves out of the game? Perhaps, instead, this is the mark of newfound legitimacy: PSA spam, like the ads that the TV networks must run at 4:30 on Sunday mornings to keep their licenses.