My little Textpattern weblog here looks to now be fully populated with old entries from Movabletype. Cool.

So, welcome to the new place.

The import process was not exactly straightforward. I used a cobbled-together combination of Pixoratic’s convert script and Dean Allen’s own import code. Why the combination? It’s a boring story that has mostly to do with needing to reformat every converted entry; Pix’s script inserted the entries to the database, and a few lines from Dean’s script re-applied Textile to the new entries. Big thanks to both of them!

So finally, I seem to be ready to carry on. There may be some rebar poking out in various places, especially where old entries already used Textile; some of these weren’t converted cleanly, so you may see some un-rendered textile lurking about. Let me know if you run across these pages, and I’ll fix them as they appear.

Import update [March 16]

I put together a quick script to redirect old MT URLs to new-hotness Txp URLs. It’s a little limited, but it worked for me.

More on importing [May 1]

Many thanks to Ramanan for his new script that imports Movabletype entries, comments, and categories right into Textpattern. Having already imported my entries, I hacked just a bit on his script to make it bring in all my old comments. It worked very well, but didn’t capture twenty or thirty comments; it was easy enough to add those on my own with a few SQL calls.