It's a cheap shot, but it's priceless

My parents graciously agreed to dog-sit while we went to Seattle. The fact that they reside in Utah meant that our itinerary took us by car to their house before we could go by plane to Seattle, which was fine by us: We got to spend a few days in Northern Utah, got in a couple of really good ski days (a spring lightening storm put an end to one; when you feel your hair raise up on your head, hear a buzzing, and then lightening flashes all around, you’re in the cloud and are too close to the weather), and wore ourselves out showshoeing. On our last snowshoe excursion, a grumpy character growled at us as we passed him at the trailhead. One of the trailhead’s resident dogs, who had followed us on our entire trek, expressed disapproval for the man’s attitude by, ah, pimping his ride just a bit. Being where we were, this might be one of the few Hummers that gets real use—but they’re so ostentatious and unnecessary, even in the snow, that I was quite happy to capture the moment.