La La -- just asking for it?

The La La CD trading service has launched, and it’s pretty cool: List the CDs that you own but no longer want, along with the CDs that you don’t have but want to get, and La La facilitates the rest by sending you pre-paid envelopes to ship out your CDs to other traders. Pay $1.49 for each CD, and La La sends a portion of the fee to the artists. The number of CDs you can get depends on the number that you send out—so you can’t simply buy in, but rather have to have something of value to other users to throw into the CD pile.

They have a nice Web 2.0-ish search feature, and it looks like a big database of titles already. La La will also make recommendations based on overlapping CDs in people’s collections.

Like La La says, they’re just like any used CD store—except for being massively distributed (and, perhaps, actually having what I want instead of 35 used copies of Jammin 90s Dance Hits), and I wonder if that’s where the inevitable lawsuit will come in.