Letters to the editor passing in the night

State rep. Russell Pearce wants to put a flag in every classroom to remedy what he sees as a decline in patriotism. Rep. Ted Downing counters that perhaps better teaching of U.S. history would be a more sound strategy.

Today in the letters to the editor of the campus newspaper, we get a couple of letters arguing against the empty symbolism of a flag in every room, and we also get this:

It doesn’t surprise me that someone who represents affirmative action wants to twist and distort the Constitution to suit the needs of poor, always-the-victim minorities. The Constitution was written so that all men would be treated equally. Whites, blacks and anyone else in this country … even the ones who don’t belong here.

I’d suggest Amendments 13, 17, 19, and 24 as starting points for Ted Downing’s civics curriculum.

I also quite like the non sequiter at the end of the letter: “That vision did not include hiring underqualified people to meet quotas, or seeing two guys holding hands walking down the street.” ‘Cause why stop when you’re on a roll?