Live and direct, with tape delay

Ramanan put together a list of intersting first blog posts. My first post to this site was just about three years ago last week, but the first two months of the site were lost when my host crashed, burned, and disappeared with not so much as a word. As a result, the remaining first post comes in January 2002, a few days after we moved into our little house.

I poked through the archive to see what has happened around here in the last three years. Here is a biased, unreliable, and entirely non-random sampling.

I won’t go off on any “in the old days” rant, except to say that, hey, 2001, that’s pretty old-school. How disappointing that all I have to show for it is, as of today, google’s number two hit for pie holes. Truly, this is the promise of the internets made manifest.