Montreal calling

This year’s episode of Sociologists in Public takes place in Montreal. First, I want to thank the ASA for planning four of the last six meetings on the other side of the continent. Good stuff. Also, I’m particularly excited by the prospect of paying massive surcharges to use the phone this year. From the latest pre-conference email:

Plan ahead if you expect to be able to use your cell phone, Blackberry, etc., while in Montreal. Your service plan must include international access in order for your calls and communications to be successful, so check with your carrier now to ensure accessibility and get answers about any applicable extra charges.

(Tina has also suggested that there will be wifi at the conference center this year for the bargain price of 17 dollars a day. Good plan; I see no potential for abuse there, whatsoever. There was a time when 17 bucks CDN meant that they paid you to use it, but it’s my understanding that those days are gone. Yay, U.S. Dollar.)

Drek, meanwhile, continues to wonder how to get his advisor’s attention. I think his strategy of setting fires just might backfire. Me, I do have a paper to present this year, in a session on online protest/movements, but it’s not a paper that I’m very happy with. The paper attempts to play with a couple of ideas about how models of engaging online may produce activity that doesn’t look much like protest as we usually understand it but that can nonetheless produce important social change, or, short of that, enable other things that do look like challenges to power. In some ways, I’m not even sure it’s a social movements-y paper; it’s probably more cultural and institutional. Further, it’s so sketchy that I’m not even sure it’s a real paper. I’m hoping for a generous discussant (and the opportunity to present the idea better than I was able to write it up).

Finally, given the tendency of the Flagstaff airport to close unexpectedly and/or just cancel my flights outright (odds lately are running about fifty-fifty of having your flight from Flag to Phoenix get bagged), I’m driving down to Phoenix this year. And I am psyched. Nothing like getting up at 2:30 AM and flying all day.