New-to-me Spotlight feature

I’ve spent the last several days digging information out of a set of files, essentially coding variables from a large group of archives. Previously, I’d only used Spotlight occasionally, but for this kind of data digging, Spotlight really, well, shines. Calling up Spotlight and telling it what I’m looking for brings up a short list of relevant files. That’s not new, but what was new to me is what Spotlight does next: When the file is opened, simply hitting CMD-G (for Find Again; works great in text files, Safari, Firefox, Mail) takes me right to the correct section within the file. This won’t work so well if the search string appears lots of times in the file, but if the file is a long list of mostly-unique records, it works great. I’ve used Spotlight’s similar ability to navigate directly to a reference in a PDF, but this was new to me, and slick. Even when the right document is already open, it often is far easier to invoke Spotlight and enter the search terms than to switch to the right application (which often means find in a long list of apps) from where I’m entering variables. All day long, it’s like Spotlight is reading my mind.