On the way

I’m on the way to Montreal, a day earlier than many of my sociologist colleagues; I’m going to try out a couple of pre-conference events this year. Having elected to drive on down to Phoenix the night before, rather than get up at 2am for a two-hour drive, I’m camped out at a hotel for the night. (Note to self: Make some friends in Phoenix.)

A few notes from the road:

  • The Sleep Number Bed. Believe the hype.
  • Hotels are my opportunity to catch up on my cable TV. The National Geographic Channel has an amazing documentary called “In the Womb.” It’s just like watching “The Miracle of Life” in 6th grade, but without the awkward giggling and with absolutely stunning photography.
  • I now recall why it’s so great to live outside of the desert. It’s ridiculously hot here, even though it’s not nearly as hot as it was a couple of weeks ago. My desert defenses have been weakened by Flagstaff’s high-altitude cool.
  • I got caught on on post-primary coverage after the drive down from the mountains. Joe Lieberman is a jerk of almost mythic proportions.