Packed an overnight bag

Flagstaff is a nice town, but it’s cold up here. I always thought of myself as a hearty, thick-skinned winter-dweller. Several years of living in Tucson has disabused me of that notion (and left my tele skis hopelessly behind the times; they’re not even parabolics, says my father, who is sending me daily ski reports from Northern Utah).

Heather had some business up in this part of the state, so I came along overnight to keep her company. Aside from enjoying the cold temperatures, the neat thing about it, is that while she’s doing her thing, I’m almost, but not quite, as connected as I was in Tucson: From the coffee shop I am catching up on my students’ questions about the final, recruiting survey participants, and, thinking about potential papers for ASA. What a deal.

Speaking of travel, the holidays are a-coming, and this year that means that my in-laws will be spending a few days with us. If any of you have, um, unforeseen emergencies that will need my attention, please plan them to fall between the 23rd and 27th.