Quick and easy curved borders in Lightroom 2

The post-crop vignette function in Lightroom 2 has much more flexibility than the comparable tool in Lightroom 1 — it’s made to allow for creative use of vignette rather than simply correcting lens vignetting. And you can put it to use to create quick and easy curved frames without calling on any external tools or plugins like LR2/Mogrify.


The above image has a white curved border applied by using the following vignette settings:

Lightroom 2 -- post-crop vignette settings

The trick to the curve is the right combination of midpoint and roundness — adjust to taste. And the hard edge of the vignette comes from setting “feather” to zero. To make a black border? Just slide “amount” all the way to -100.

You can make a preset for both white and black versions: Click the big plus button in the preset pane, and select only the post-crop vignette setting to save. Do one for both black and white borders, and you’re good to go.

Quick and easy!