Rain delay

Typed during yesterday’s four-hour wait in the airport:

When they close the airport due to foul weather, power outlets become like gold. I just saw two polo-wearing businessman in a knife fight over AC power. Last time I leave my wireless card at home; even the nonprofit I visited this week had wi-fi, and now that I’m stranded here at DFW, there’s wireless everywhere. I had to buy a phone card—a phone card!—to call Heather and let her know that the airport is shut down. I’ve secured my own source of power, so for now at least I can read, type, and listen to some music.

Fortunately for my departure, my plane is one the ground, having landed just before they closed everything down and brought all the ground personnel inside. Poor souls in the plane, though: They’re stuck on the tarmac, 40 feet from the ramp, until the airport resumes business.

It’s nice to be back in Tucson, and I’m looking forward to organizing the information I brought back with me (all 700+ pages of it).