Shaun of the Dead

Some men seek out zombies, and other men have zombies thrust upon them. For the latter, check out Shaun of the Dead, which features a legion of zombies, a well-hefted cricket bat, and a duo so wrapped up in beer and video games that they only just barely figure out how to use the bat on the zombies. By the time they do, however, it’s already a fun movie, with plenty of comedy (especially early on, when the city’s slackers, drunks, and corporate workers already seem like zombies; it’s funny, but as the day goes on Shaun’s encounters with them get progressively creepier, because you know that the full-on zombiefication is coming.)

The film pulls off more than it deserves to: It’s got buddy comedy, romance, excessive drinking, and a critical mass of shambling zombies. Finally, it takes itself just seriously enough to be more than a smart parody.