Spare parts

A quick update on the MacBook repair front, because I know you’re all sympathetic to my plight. After being misrouted by DHL, the package was a bit delayed getting to the repair facility, and I talked to AppleCare this morning, since I’ve been staring at the unchanging status message for a week:


It turns out that they’re really repairing it. They’ve replaced most of the external case in order to fix the warp, and are waiting on some parts to finish up. On one hand, it strikes me as good practice to repair, rather than replace, the unit, even if it involves fairly dramatic re-building of the MacBook’s body (“we have the technology…”). It suggests that somebody is actually looking at the work that is being done, and I like the idea of Apple Certified Craftsmen running their fingers along the case seams. (To be fair, there are plenty of things that I like—gnomes, for instance—whose actual existence I’m not prepared to assert.) And it makes it more likely I’ll get back the same quiet and not-too-hot machine that I started with. On the other hand I’m a bit cranky because they won’t have the final couple of parts (at the master Apple repair facility, they have to wait for parts?) for “another few business days.”

So on balance I think the good outweighs the bad, but I’m still more-than-ready to get back to work on that fun little machine.


June 20 update. A change in status.




Now I just hope to get the shipment before evacuation.