Summer's endless possibilities?

Spring brings season cleaning over at Lago’s place, where the new design truly is springtime fresh. Both he and Brayden express enthusiasm for their springtime productivity and the upcoming ASA meetings in San Francisco.

When it came time this winter to prepare material for summer’s ASA, I was between papers and projects. One ongoing project hasn’t yielded anything new in the past several months, my dissertation was (still is?) too vague for a working paper, and there just wasn’t time to prepare a conference version of a third possible paper. So this year, I’m free and loose at the ASAs. I’ll be the one networking furiously (read, drinking coffee alone) in preparation for shopping myself and my dissertation around.

And how is the dissertation, you may ask? Organizationally, it’s coming along: I have a possible bead on two really useful sources of data, and I’m planning some spring and summer travel to collect it. On paper, it hasn’t progressed much for several weeks, which will leave me scrambling in the near future to reformulate some important ideas. Still, dicussing it with various folks has been productive and is keeping me enthusiastic, though not yet able to pound out many pages of writing.

What else of spring? Well, over at Eat Your Vegetables, Lane is sporting a bristle-brush of facial hair in celebration of the playoffs, while I am smooth-chinned for the first time in close to six years:

Facial hair is neither created nor destroyed. The circle has been made complete.