Supervillian casting call

I think that Brayden is mostly right when he writes about the conclusion to Spider-Man 2. The heaviest burden of a superhero seems to be that they can’t make choices for other people. That, in fact, seems to be the situation that sets up the core problems of the third movie in the series: How does Peter/Spidey get along in a world where his lover and his enemy not only know who he is, but are volatile all on their own?

With the future in mind, the best part of the ongoing Crooked Timber Spider-Man 2 discussion is the who’s who of spidey villians. After the Green Goblin/Hobgoblin story is complete, what comes next? I think the smart money is on some kind of Venom/Craven story, which would eventually take the film in a much darker direction. Although bringing in the Lizard is a possibility, the mileage may just about be up on the “brilliant scientist and an experiment gone horribly wrong” motivator. The trick for the future of the series will be to balance the working-class heart of the films with the need to keep introducing higher levels of menace.

For what it’s worth, the movie is a lot of fun, though maybe a bit long. They’ve really packed it full of stuff. Scenes of Spidey and Ock duking it out on the sides of buildings are really pretty cool, and the train brawl is just about worth the price of admission. (And it succeeds in setting up Spidey as a very public figure; he can’t be painted as a menace anymore, not after a carload of people see him pushing his extreme limits to save them.)

Bonus points, of course, for Bruce Campbell as the usher.

And, to reassure you that, at least compared to some, I haven’t spent an undue amount of time thinking about this, I yield the floor to a massive collection of little pixely avatars of comic book characters. X-Men, Batman (Dark Knight Returns-era and TV series both represented, among others), Spider-Man, villians (and not just the majors; there’s a whole page for supporting cast types like the Hellfire Club.) and much—really, there’s a ton here—much more are available.