TextMate: Modified find in journal command

I’ve been using BSAG’s Journal bundle (itself a markdown extension) for a little while now, to keep a sort of snippet log, and I’ve put together a quick command to search entries by keywords (I hacked up the “Find in Document” command of the TM bundle). Keywords are marked by brackets: [key1,key2,etc]. The command just finds given text and shows the first line or so of the actual snippet entry, to give it some context. It’s very simple, but I’ve found it useful to quickly find entries by keyword, so I thought I’d share it. Here’s a screenshot:

TextMate: Find in keywords command

You can download the command here. To install it, just click on the .tmCommand file, and TextMate should take care of the rest. (You’ll also, of course, need to be using TextMate and BSAG’s Journal bundle.)