The widening gyre

Kieran is right about summer vertigo: Just when I get a good plan put together, I get overconfident and start piling on. My core summer project is organizing dissertation data and drafting some working papers; so far, it’s actually going fairly well. The past few days I’ve been re-reading some economic sociology, particularly Nigel Dodd’s The Sociology of Money, and I’m assembing (gasp) a draft of the first chapter of what will become an actual, real-life dissertation.

So how about the non-work? Kieran mentions fiction; I’m working my way through Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell on my off hours; I have to return to Utah in a couple of weeks for another dentist visit (hooray); I’m doing quite a bit of mountain biking in the nearby national forest; and in general I’m having a great time in Flagstaff, where it was about 70 degrees F today.