Times have changed

Data is still trickling in, the last handful of components of the protest data project on which I have been working for some time. In the course of cleaning the data, I read many pages of blurry, tiny-type photocopies of newspaper pages, and I take little bits of joy in it where I can. I have enjoyed ca. 1960 real estate advertisements and sentences that strike me as oddly poetic (“Here Fred Shorter, 20, chewed, ate his draft card.”). This week, I came across this article, from November 1989 (slightly abridged):

Striptease at Salad Bar Provokes Protest

CLAREMONT, Calif.—A freshman was enjoying a Halloween lunch in the Claremont McKenna College cafeteria with 500 other students until the meal was interrupted by a woman who began dancing and disrobing near the salad bar.

“The stripped down to a G-string and bra,” the student said. “People were screaming, `Take it off,’ and stuff.”

The stripper, who had been hired by the father of a student at Claremont McKenna as a birthday surprise for his son, began dancing with the shocked young man.

“She took off her clothes, danced around, danced with the guy,” a freshman said. “She was young, maybe about 18 or 20.”

Here’s my favorite part, emphasis added:

People stood on chairs and tables to get a better view, he said, adding: “I was standing on a chair. I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

Remember: Strippers are no big deal. But stand on that chair, just to make sure.