Txp plugin: ats_bloglines

Bloglines provides a link to retrieve lists of your shared blogroll, but it’s not formatted in a textpattern-friendly way. I tinkered with adding CSS to the divs that they provide in the list, but it didn’t work very well, so I set about putting together a plugin that would work within textpattern’s framework of producing lists with wrap and break tags.

ats_bloglines retrieves and formats a list of links provided by a shared Bloglines blogroll. Because of the hacked together method of removing the div codes provided by Bloglines, this version of the plugin doesn’t deal well with category separators—in fact, it removes them completely. So for now, I recommend specifying a folder when calling the plugin, and providing your own category heading outside of the plugin. (This fits my needs right now, but may not fit yours, especially if you have many folders that you want to display with their own headers; I welcome improvements to the handling of categories and the parsing of the list!)

Usage: Accepts regular break and wrap tags, plus:

  • (required) feedurl: the URL to the shared blogroll. feedurl=””
  • (optional) poweredby: the “powered by” string to append to the list. If this is left empty, the default “Powered by Bloglines” string will be used. If poweredby=”” is passed to the plugin, then no powered by tagline will be output. (But it would be nice to output something here; I’m sure the Bloglines folks would appreciate it.)

You can see it in action here, where I have it displaying the list of “sociology” pointers on my links page.

Download ats_bloglines.txt.