We have sociology today

It’s not all fire ecology around the household. The past three weeks I have been neglecting my exercise schedule (okay, that’s a lie; I have been neglecting my exercise schedule since at least the late 1990s) to get an overdue component of my dissertation moving. Today I put the first set of surveys in the mail to organizers of U.S. local currency projects, and I sent out another batch of invitations to an online version of the survey on Sunday.

This step, of taking a dissertation from something that exists solely in my mind and making it almost, actually, truly, real, has been enormous for me. After months of unsuccessfully trying to organize information, I realized that it would never be organized “enough,” and that it was time to move on. So I composed the survey, circulated it among the members of my committee, and started distributing it to the organizers whom I have managed to track down. The making-real part is really exciting; why didn’t I just do this before?

Next comes following up with them, as well as making more passes through the still-evolving list of projects to find and contact more organizers. And the writing of the preliminary ASA paper. And the gnashing of teeth. But at least I’m moving on it, and that feels like a great way to wrap up the semester.