Who are you down with on the eve of destruction?

Friday is time again for music. Well, this Friday, anyway. Lately, I have been listening repeatedly to “Eve of Destruction” (mp3), by Bishop Allen. It’s by far the sweetest, most irresistible song about the apocalypse that I can remember. Bishop Allen has three other mp3s from their album online, and all of the tracks are plenty good (“Busted Heart,” in particular, has this great scratchy, shouted chorus that has been marching through my head all day). I would rush out and buy this one, but Heather tells me that it’s time for us to spend money on her. Sigh. Fine.

Before Heather imposed her newfound and surprisingly vigorous sense of fiscal discipline on me, I managed to pick up a couple of CDs a week or so ago. The first is Rubber Factory by the Black Keys. I mentioned this one a few weeks ago, but hadn’t bought it yet. Much fun. The second is Cathedral from The Ware River Club. I picked this one up because I really liked the sound of their song “Up Again” (mp3). Cathedral features a number of good songs, including a far more sedate, almost whispered, version of “Up Again” (their web site informs readers that the mp3 is of the song’s “rock version”). Actually, the slower songs on the album tend to be my favorites, because the more rock-sounding tracks veer a little too close to a highly polished sheen for my liking; the moodier, softer songs allow a less conventional sound to come through. Good stuff.