Working it out

Careful readers (both of us) may recall my consternation at being allowed to rent a locker before being allowed to use the rec center. At the time, Procfreak advised me to avoid the cursed place altogether. I ignored her and carried on with my program of self-improvement (see also Jeremy Freese’s vindication at outlasting his critics’ expectations of his bicycling regimen), and have a little to report.

My goal—it’s good to have fitness goals, they say—is to hike the Grand Canyon again, but to avoid wrecking myself this time. To get there, I’m doing a combination of endurance and strength exercises, and I’ve settled into a nice routine now.

Endurance workouts are based on heartrate. I’m advised to jog or cycle for various lengths of time, beginning at about sixty-five percent of my maximum heart rate, or about 115 beats per minute. (As an aside, wow, fancy heart rate monitors are expensive; I went cheap and am happy with my $30 model.) Running at 115 BPM? Hell, I break 110 just reading ASR. Fortunately, cycling doesn’t work me as hard, so I’ve focused so far on the bike. The downside of this is that having a long cycle in the middle of the morning makes the ride to and from school feel a little tedious. But hey, if a little tedium will make the South Kaibab Trail less gruesome, I’m all for it.