Wrong tools for the job

I’m quite sure that there are disciplines with which Tim Lambert has little expertise—sheep dog training, for instance, or pastry-making—but when it comes to evaluating evidence surrounding contemporary claims about science, I get the feeling that most of his opponents are just bringing knives to a gun-fight.

Lambert responds to the contra-global warming claim that global warming cannot possibly be a threat, even if it is human-caused, because, well, the earth is already hot and space is not very dense. After noting that climate change scientists have already considered and rejected this notion on highly technical grounds (having measured the flow of heat from the earth and found it to be miniscule when compared to the heat of solar radiation), Lambert tells it like it is:

Does the earth’s interior make an overwhelming contribution to the surface temperature? This claim seems to be contradicted by the fact that it is warmer in daytime. And in summer. And closer to the equator. It takes a rare kind of talent to present an argument on climate change that is inconsistent with the existence of seasons.