Notes from the coffee shop #11

Number 1: If you find yourself in Scottsdale, check out the coffee shop whose name I can’t quite remember. Pegasus? Psygnosis? Pergola? Anyway, it’s way up north on Scottsdale Road, north of the 101. In a strip mall with a Walgreens. It’s family-owned, has good coffee, and wifi.

Number 2: On the other hand, Tempe seems to be rather lacking in good options. Google pointed me to one place that was out of business and in a strip mall that seemed to have lost favor to its larger, newer, shiner, down-the-road cousins. I had to retreat to Barnes and Noble.

Number 3: Back in Flagstaff. The upside is that every coffee shop I frequent here now offers free wifi.* The downside is that the one where I am currently sitting has a table undergoing repair, complete with power tools, hammering, and sawdust. Is it that imperative to get the thing fixed before the evening rush? The intermittent power saw is a wee bit distracting.


* In descending order of personal preference: Late for the Train, Macy’s, Campus Coffee Bean.

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